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Kroger's Community Rewards Program will donate a percentage of your in-store purchases to the charitable organization of your choice -- hopefully BSA Troop 800.  All you have to do to make this happen is link your Kroger Plus Shopper's Card to the Troop's account.  This costs you nothing.  Your spending is 100% confidential and this program DOES NOT affect your earnings toward fuel program discounts.  

Click here or on the Kroger Plus Shopper's Card above to learn more.

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There have been a lot of questions circulating about how Troop 800 intends to safely resume regular Troop meetings and camping activities. A lot of thought and research has gone into the following plan, which has been shared with The Heart of Virginia Council, who intend to use it as the framework for their own plan. Please read it thoroughly, because it contains many very important changes and new requirements in many areas.

Now that we have entered Phase II of Virginia's reopening plan, it is time for us to get our scouts involved again and back on track.

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Assuming there are no government directives otherwise, we will be delivering all mulch orders this Saturday, March 28th and Sunday March 29th (if necessary).

We would like to remind you of a few things regarding the delivery process:

  1. Due to insurance and safety reasons, we cannot deliver your mulch order ANYWHERE off your driveway (this includes back yards, flower beds, etc.).  The delivery location must be visible from the street.
  2. We cannot deliver around or between vehicles, so if your delivery point is behind where you normally park your vehicle, you need to make sure your car is not in the way and that there is a clear path all the way to your vehicle.  If there is anything in the way, we will leave the mulch in a more accessible location of our choosing.
  3. If you have requested the mulch spreading service, you will be contacted next week to schedule a time to spread the mulch.  We have thousands of bags of mulch to deliver, so we WILL NOT be spreading any of it this weekend.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we also have very specific safety requirements to protect both you and our delivery crew:

  1. Please DO NOT approach our delivery crew members.  If you must interact with them, please maintain a distance of at least 10 feet.  For your safety and theirs, we need to be able to drop your mulch order and leave the area as quickly as possible to minimize any chance of infection.
  2. Please DO NOT offer any snacks, tips or any other items to the delivery crew.  Our crew will be instructed not to accept them for their own safety.

If you're curious about where the money from your mulch order goes, it costs our Troop approxmately $450 per year per Scout for our annual activities and that is likely to increase this year.  We also use the money to supplement the cost of our more expensive activities, entrance fees, campsite costs and high adventure trips.  A tremendous amount of work goes on before, during and after the mulch orders are delivered to make all of this happen and it is only through your generous orders that we are able to do these things with the boys of our Troop.  Your contribution DOES make a difference in the lives of these boys.

As always the boys, parents and leaders of BSA Troop 800 thank you for your ongoing support.

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Please read the article below for news and information pertaining to Scouting BSA's recent Chapter 11 filing notice.

Locally, we know the following:

  • The Heart of Virginia Council of Scouting BSA is a completely separate financial entity and is not affected by national's filing.
  • Scouting activities in the Commonwealth will continue as normal unless and until we are told otherwise.


February 18, 2020
by Michael Freeman
(Eagle Scout, Associate Editor of Boys’ Life, Scouting and Eagles’ Call magazines)

If you’re reading this, you have probably experienced the positive impact of Scouting.

And I’m guessing that – like me – you want Scouting to be around to serve kids in our communities for many years to come.

I’m hoping you also agree that it’s important that the BSA supports victims of past abuse in Scouting. Quite simply, it’s the right thing to do.

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February 4, 2017 -- Florence, SC

It is with great pride that we pass along the following news from BSA Troop 800's very first Eagle Scout, Michael Hesbach.

Michael Hesbach, Scout Executive, Florence, SC"It is with great joy and excitement that I announce my selection as the Scout Executive of Pee Dee Area Council in Florence, SC. I start on March 1. I have truly been blessed with a supportive wife and family. I am forever grateful to the many volunteers along the way, for we share in our successes together. I look forward to serving the volunteers and staff in Florence."

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20150516 132304 20150516 140017Daily News-Record (Harrisonburg, VA) - Monday, May 18, 2015

WEYERS CAVE - The sight of a medevac helicopter is usually a bad sign, but on Saturday visitors were encouraged to get a closer look. Crew members of the AirCare 5 medical helicopter at Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport opened their hangar to the public in honor of the service's 10th anniversary in the Valley.

Visitors were shown around the Weyers Cave facility and inside the helicopter to learn about the its role in the region. For Boy Scout Troop 800 of Midlothian, it was a chance to get outside and on the road while "exposing them to things they wouldn't normally do," said assistant Scoutmaster Howard Fishburne.

"I do love this stuff," said troop member Caden Caruso, 11, whose father pilots a Diamond Aircraft personal plane. As he ducked underneath the back of the helicopter, Caruso said he liked learning about the different features of aircraft, big and small.

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The Blue Ridge Mountains Council is asking for donations from the community to help save Lake Powhatan.

Click HERE to view the full story on the WDBJ7 website.

Lake Powhatan Sits Empty


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September 22, 2013
By Jodi Deal
Regional Reporter - Richmond Times-Dispatch

On Saturday, Sept. 22, Tommy Justis’s Powhatan property was crawling with 10-year-old boys.

More than 120 boys spent their morning scrambling up a climbing tower, zipping down a zip line, sampling cake made in a Dutch oven, crafting gourds into birdhouses and shooting BB guns.