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Boy Scout Troop 800, Midlothian, Virginia Agreement on Assumption of Risk, Release from Liability and Permission to Photograph Activity Participants

Access to and Use of Camp Justis Property and Facilities

1. Definitions. Unless otherwise clearly stated, as used in this Agreement, the following terms shall mean:

"Activity" or "activities" shall mean all acts undertaken by participants while on Camp Justis property, including, but not limited to, entry upon and traversing of the Camp Justis property, camping, cooking, Courts of Honor, Webelos Day, hiking, sports and recreation, use of vehicles and parking areas, and use of the "zip wire", climbing tower, rappelling tower, archery range, tomahawk range, rifle range, shotgun range, and lake.

"Camp Justis" or "Camp Justis property" shall mean all the land designated by Thomas R. Justis, Jr. and Troop 800 as the area available for use by Troop 800 for activities as defined herein. For purposes of this Agreement only, "Camp Justis" or "Camp Justis property" shall also mean all of the two parcels of land in the Spencer District of Powhatan County, Virginia, devised to Thomas R Justis, Jr. by will recorded in the Circuit Court of Powhatan County in Book 25, Page 297 (the deed source of title being found in Deed Book 81, Page 255 and Deed Book 129, Page 443), being the same property known as 3825 Little Fighting Creek Road, Powhatan, Virginia.

"Justis family" shall mean (i) the following natural persons: Thomas R. Justis, Jr., his spouse, parents, children, and siblings, and his heirs, devisees, legatees, agents, and assigns, each in his or her individual capacity and in any combination of two or more collectively; and (ii) any estate of any of the above-named natural persons which may exist presently or at any time in the future.

"Participants" shall mean boys who are members of Troop 800, adult leaders of Troop 800, parents and siblings of members of Troop 800, and all guests or invitees of Troop 800 who enter upon Camp Justis property and/or engage in activities as defined herein.

"Troop 800" shall mean Boy Scouts of America Troop 800 of Midlothian, Virginia.

“Photograph” shall mean the recording of images of event participants in either digital, analog, film, discreet single images or multiple frame video recordings.

2. Participation in Troop 800 activities at Camp Justis is entirely voluntary, and participants may withdraw from the activities at any time.

Troop 800 and the Justis family cannot and does not undertake to guarantee that a participant will not be injured engaging in an activity or activities, or to undertake financial responsibility in the event that a participant is injured while engaged in an activity. Participation in activities requires that a participant assume both the known risks that attend the activities, as well as any other risks that may not be reasonably foreseeable.

In order to allow Troop 800 to continue to make use of Camp Justis it is understood that the Justis family cannot be responsible for the condition of Camp Justis property or for any injury, which may result from use of the Camp Justis property or participation in any activity.

3. I have read and understand the foregoing explanation. I am at least eighteen years of age (or a parent or guardian is also signing this Agreement or agreeing digitally), and it is my (our) decision to go onto the Camp Justis property and participate in activities at Camp Justis.  I (We) hereby accept any risk of injury to my person inherent in the activities. Further, and in consideration of my permission to go upon the Camp Justis property and participate in activities, I (We) hereby forever release the Justis family from any claim that I (We) may have for personal injury, other than one resulting from willful acts or gross negligence, or for loss, damage, or destruction of my personal property caused by, or in any way the result of, my going upon Camp Justis property or participating in activities.  Furthermore, without payment or other consideration, I agree to the possibility of me being photographed and my image being used on Troop 800’s website, Huguenot Trail District Website as well in magazines and newspapers articles which promote Boy Scouting. I hereby hold harmless and forever discharge the Justis Family, Troop 800 and all Boy Scout organizations from all claims, demands and action which I, or any persons acting on my behalf may have reason of this authorization.