Q: Is it true that Troop 800 meets all the way out in Powhatan?
A: False. We meet at Bethel Baptist Church, which is only about a mile west of Westchester Commons on Rt. 60 (Midlothian Tpk) and before the Windy Hill Sports Complex.

  • 15 min from Hull Street/288
  • 25 min from Chester
  • 15 min from Short Pump

Q: Is it true that Troop 800's dues are very expensive?
A: False -- because we DO NOT and have NEVER had dues... Zero... Zilch... Nada... EVER... Only a very reasonable one time fee when joining the Troop to cover the cost of new scout supplies and registration with the Heart of Virginia Council.

Q: Is it true that your monthly campouts are expensive?
A: False. It typically costs only $20.00 per campout, which is solely for food (usually 5 meals). EVERYTHING ELSE is supplied by the Troop. If we are doing something special on a campout like our annual ski trip or going to a major attraction, there may be additional fees, but this is typically only 2-3 times a year at most and are completely voluntary.

Q: Won't the boys get bored camping at Camp Parsons every month?
A: No, because we only camp at Camp Parsons 3-4 times per year at most and usually 2-3 months in between. We try to alternate a couple of out of town trips between visits to Camp Parsons. Recent trips have included:

  • Gettysburg, PA - Civil War Battlefield
  • Harper's Ferry, WV - Hiking on the Appalachian Trail
  • Massanutten, VA - Skiing and Waterpark
  • Virginia Beach, VA - Camp Pendleton Army Base / Oceana NAS / MacArthur Museum
  • Richmond, VA - Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

We may camp more often at Camp Parsons over the next year or two to enable our scouts to help be an active part of building our new camp, but this will always be done in conjunction with other Scouting activities in the surrounding area. 

Thankfully, since we had access to Camp Parsons during the Covid pandemic, we were able to continue safely camping while all other campsites were shutdown.

Q: Is it true that Troop 800 does not allow female Assistant Scoutmasters?
A: Absolutely False. In the 30+ year history of the Troop, we absolutely HAVE HAD female leaders, although only a few.  In fact, we have always had a very large contingent of female volunteers who serve the Troop in many roles, especially on the various Troop Committees.

Q: Is it true that you require the boys to do multiple fundraisers throughout the year?
A: False. We only do one official fundraiser per year and that is our annual mulch sale, but we do require the entire family to participate. It involves about 3 hours one day in late February/early March distributing flyers throughout your assigned neighborhood and then working for about 8 hours on a Saturday in late March/early April to deliver the mulch that has been sold. For boys going on high adventure trips (Philmont, Northern Tier and Sea Base), we try to offer additional fundraising opportunities like mulch spreading services, but they are entirely voluntary.

Q: Where does the troop typically attend summer camp?
A: We attend a variety of regional camps. Past summer camps have included:

  • Camp Daniel Boone - Canton, NC (2019)
  • Camp Powhatan - Hiwassee, VA (2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022)
  • Camp Rainey Mountain - Clayton, GA (2012)
  • Camp Raven Knob - Mt. Airy, NC (2015)
  • Camp T. Brady Saunders - Goochland, VA (before 2010)

Q: Does the Troop participate in High Adventure activities?
A: Yes, but it is on a completely voluntary basis.  We try to give every scout at least 2-3 opportunities to go on High Adventure trips while they are in the program.  In the recent past, we have gone to:

  • Florida Sea Base in Key West, FL
    • Out Island Adventure
    • 2015 - 2 treks
    • 2018 - 3 treks
    • 2023 - 3 treks
  • Northern Tier in MN
    • 2011
  • Philmont in Cimmarron, NM
    • Many, many times prior to 2014
    • 2014 - 3 treks
    • 2017 - 1 trek
    • 2021 - 3 treks